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NaVorro Bowman's 2014 knee injury included PCL, meniscus along with ACL, MCL, per fiancee

San Francisco 49ers inside linebacker NaVorro Bowman was named to the Associated Press' All Pro team in his first season back from a brutal knee injury. Bowman suffered multiple ligament tears in the NFC Championship Game following the 2013 season. He missed the 2014 season, and returned this year to lead the NFL in tackles.

At the time, reports suggested Bowman tore his ACL and MCL. There was light speculation about other injuries, but nothing significant. On Friday, we learned a little bit more, courtesy of Bowman's fiancee. She posted on his Instagram site that he suffered tears to his ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscus. It was a brutal injury, so none of this is surprising, but it is good to hear more details about the extent of his knee injury.

Bowman has a full season under his belt, and now gets the next three months to start getting ready for the April offseason workout program. I am fascinated to see what Bowman looks like in nine months when the 49ers kick off the 2016 season. It is not a surprise that he was not quite the guy we saw before the injury. The question now is if he takes a significant step forward next season. What do you expect in his second season back?

Let's speak facts! NaVorro led the NFL in solo tackles 2 years before being injured while he played on the best defense in the league at the time. The fact that they down play NaVorro's injury so they won't have to say he's the best is very heart breaking to me. Now here's the truth behind NaVorro's injury: torn ACL, MCL, PCL, and Meniscus. THATS THE TRUTH! Now on to the people that's down playing why he lead the nfl in tackles! NaVorro lead the NFL in tackles because the all MIGHTY HIGH ( GOD )... 1. That's his job 2. Hard work 3. Dedication! So spare me with all the who should've received the credit or awards! NaVorro deserve everything he's earned! Give credit to those who deserve it. Numbers don't lie! Thank you GOD for having the last say! GOD bless you all and let's look forward to another great season later on this year! Ps. I would like to thank all the AP writers that voted for NaVorro and A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO DR. Andrews! Sincerely @mikale_ferguson his wife to be.

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