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Hue Jackson is 49ers top target, per Tim Kawakami

The San Francisco 49ers coaching search continues to develop, and the latest news comes courtesy of Tim Kawakami. The columnist is reporting that Hue Jackson is the team's top target for their vacant head coaching position. The 49ers are scheduled to interview Jackson on Sunday.

Even with this news, there are plenty of issues to be figured out. Kawakami pointed to a couple notable issues. The biggest would be the Bengals winning on Sunday. If the 49ers are pleased following their first interview, they could not have a follow-up interview until the Bengals are eliminated from the playoffs, or they reach the bye week leading up to the Super Bowl, whichever comes first. It is important to note that the Atlanta Falcons were willing to wait for Dan Quinn during the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl run last year.

The next issue is the fact that the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins both have interviews scheduled with Jackson. Jackson might decide one of those two is a better option. Naturally I think the 49ers are a better situation than the Dolphins or Browns, but I am probably just a little bit biased. Jackson will take some time to figure that out, regardless of the Bengals result on Saturday.