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Rob Schneider continues to throw jabs at Jed York

Comedian and long time 49er fan Rob Schneider has kept his displeasure with 49ers CEO/owner Jed York no secret. Even after York's end of the season talk, he has continued to vent on Twitter

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's no surprise that long time San Francisco 49ers fan Rob Schneider has been upset with the current losing state of his favorite team. He hasn't flown any banners over the stadium but has let his frustrations out on Twitter. CEO Jed York seemed to slighty quell the angry masses with his state of the franchise, end of season press conference. Schneider is having none of it.

Just a few weeks ago Schneider even threw out an 'offer' to buy the team.

This, of course, does nothing to solve the woes of the 49ers fan base, but at least The Faithful can rest assured that they are not alone. Schneider has a decent size following and a lot of friends in high places. If nothing else, it provides a little entertainment for disgruntled fans.