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NFL coach search news, January 9th: Hue Jackson has no favorites, Dirk Koetter interviewed

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Some movement on Saturday for Coach Watch! While there hasn't been much in interview requests and the like, there has been some perspective on what happened yesterday. Plus, it looks like some teams have been returning the San Francisco 49ers phone calls after-all.

The Connections

Remember that speculation about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers not wanting anyone to interview Dirk Koetter? Well, that's not completely true. The 49ers met with the offensive coordinator today as per Matt Barrows. While he may still be a front runner for the Tampa Bay head coaching job, it obviously shows the role is not as guaranteed as we once thought.

You gotta hand it to the guy though. Jason Cole tweeted out Koetter had hip replacement surgery this week and still made the interview Saturday. That's dedication.

Other Candidates:

Mike Holmgren still has not been called by the 49ers...

No new movement on Chip Kelly or Anthony Lynn from their interviews this week. Though given how esoteric this coaching search has been for the 49ers, details will probably show up later rather than sooner.

Scheduled Interviews:

Yesterday, we had a few tweets from Tim Kawakami suggesting that Hue Jackson and the 49ers had mutual interest in each other. Today, we have conflicting tweets that just put things just a bit back today. Take it away, Mary Kay Cabot:

So this makes things a bit more interesting. Perhaps this is nothing more than a PR ploy for leverage, or maybe things were blown a bit out of proportion regarding Hue. In any case, nothing is set in stone for the 49ers at this point and given that the Cincinnati Bengals just had an epic implosion for a game they should have won, things could get interesting quick. Jackson interviews with the 49ers on Sunday. .

Coach Tracker:

The morning began with Adam Gase getting announced as beginning final negotiations to become the Miami Dolphins new head coach. The announcements were followed with the news of the hiring, and later a press conference. Multiple reports indicate he picked his defensive coordinator to be Vance Joseph, defensive backs coach for the Cincinnati Bengals. The hiring cannot be made official until the Bengals are out of the playoffs, which happened not long ago.


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