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Wild card round memories: Steve Young to Terrell Owens, The Catch 2

The 2016 NFL playoffs get going today with the wild card round, and that means it is time to revisit the 49ers own wild card madness. The 49ers have had some "wild" wild card history. There was the wild card win over the Green Bay Packers in frigid Lambeau back in 2014. And there was the epic comeback over the New York Giants back in 2003. But the 1999 wild card matchup with the Green Bay Packers is still the standard-bearer for the 49ers.

The video above shows the entire final drive, and what a drive it was. There were so many huge moments in that drive. Marc Edwards breaking several tackles to get a huge gain. Jerry Rice fumbling the ball, but getting a huge call in his favor. There was Steve Young nearly throwing an interception with 14 seconds left. And of course, The Catch II.

I figure it's all the more fitting to show this in light of Terrell Owens being named a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He had a miserable game for much of the day, but came up so huge on the game-winning touchdown. He went over the middle, caught the ball, and took a monstrous hit, but held onto the ball for the score. It was an amazing moment.