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49ers, Browns on even playing field with Hue Jackson, per report

Hue Jackson is set to meet with the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, and it comes amidst reports that the 49ers will be pushing hard for Jackson. Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot had this latest report about Jackson, saying he has no favorite between the two teams.

I look at this in a couple of ways. On the one hand, as bad as the Browns have been, they are making significant changes in adding more analytical types to their front office. They have some talent on the roster, but obviously plenty of questions. On the other hand, they are still the Browns. I don't think Jackson would make a decision based on perception, but the Browns have plenty of issues.

For Jackson, it makes sense to shoot down the notion that he has a favorite in this. After all, there is always the issue of leverage. Whether it be salary requirements, specific powers related to the coaching staff or roster, or anything else, there is always room for leverage. Until Jackson is signed, sealed, and delivered, leverage will remain the name of the game.