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49ers-Cowboys announcers: Yep, it’s your two FOX favorites

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The 49ers get a nearly national broadcast in 2016. That’s a plus. Some people might not be pleased with the announcers that brings.

The San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys square off in a Week 4 matchup that FOX is giving a mostly national broadcast. FOX gets the double-header this week, and with Rams-Cardinals and Saints-Chargers as the other two options, it is not surprising that 49ers-Cowboys will air in all but a handful of TV markets.

For some people, there is downside to having a national game. With the FOX broadcast, the announcers will be Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, with Erin Andrews handling reporting from the sideline.

Personally, I actually like Buck and Aikman as announcers. They’re not my favorite in the booth, but I don’t think they get enough credit. Well, more specifically I don’t think Buck gets enough credit. Aikman’s decent enough in his analysis, but I actually think Buck is a much better play-by-play man than a lot of people give him credit for. There were questions about his tone earlier in his career, but that seems fine. I don’t actually think he “hates” the 49ers and thus treats them differently in his broadcast. And generally I think he just does a good job calling the game and moving things along.

That being said, I know some folks don’t like this crew. And so, you’ll have to put up with Buck and Aikman to get some national TV love!

Editor’s update: Speaking of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman....