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The 49ers video collection of Bill Walsh mic’d up is fantastic

The San Francisco 49ers video crew released a video featuring nearly five minutes of Bill Walsh moments where the legendary coach was mic’d up. We get moments from 1982 NFC title game, the Super Bowl XXIII win over the Cincinnati Bengals, and numerous moments in meetings leading up to various games. I imagine there are hundreds of hours of footage to consider, but they found some great moments.

The whole video is worth a watch, but here a few of my favorite lines from it (worth watching to catch the tone and movements with it):

1:33 - At practice with Dwight Clark catching a deep ball on a particular play: “Play off Dwight (talking to cornerback). Read, read what you see (talking to Clark, I think).” Play runs. “Whoo, that’s pretty, that’s pretty. That will be a beauty.”

1:45 - “We’ve gotta have everybody 100 percent fresh for this ballgame. Somehow, you gotta be fresh. Now, some cases that may mean a lot of sex. In other cases, none. I don’t know.”

2:00 - “So what they’re gonna do is stock this thing with fish, tomorrow. And Friday, we’re gonna have a dinner, a BBQ, every will have a pole. I don’t want any pole fights, anything like that.”

2:13 - “That Danny White, he knows he’s not gonna play, so he’s the guy mouthing off. We’re gonna kick your ass!” (pretending to hide as he says it)

4:07 - “We collectively, are the best team in football as we sit here. We are the best, right now. Our opposition knows it, we know it.