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Michigan players, cheerleader protest during the National Anthem

More and more athletes have been joining in on the protest started by Kaepernick

Just over a month after Jim Harbaugh drew some attention for speaking out about his former quarterback’s protest during the National Anthem, members of his team protested in a similar vein in Ann Arbor. Several players held fists in the air while a member of the cheerleading team took a knee.

DT Bryan Mone

Coach Harbaugh had originally made a statement opposing Colin Kaepernick’s choice to protest during the anthem:

I acknowledge his right to do that. I don't respect the motivation or the action.

Very quickly after his statement went viral, the former 49ers coach apologized for his statement.

A few days after that statement 49ers traveled to San Diego where Kaepernick met with former green beret Nate Boyer and subsequently knelt during the anthem instead of sitting the bench. Harbaugh has been pretty quiet about the issue since then.

The movement started by the 49ers quarterback shows no sign of slowing down especially with another shooting in El Cajon that involved a mentally ill man. The incident was followed by protests that unfortunately turned violent in the San Diego suburb.

Kaepernick continued his off the field work when he met former NBA player Abdul Rauf earlier in the week and his contact with more social activists will likely continue. At the same time the athletes who are following in his footsteps are getting more media coverage.