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Bills climb to as high as 9-point favorite over 49ers

Could this line get up into double digits?

The Buffalo Bills managed a big road win over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, and the public support is growing amidst the three-game winning streak. The Bills host the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday, and the line has climbed from seven points to eight points at most sportsbooks. There are a few that have pushed the line all the way up to nine points.

Thus far, 57 percent of wagers have been on Buffalo, according to Odds Shark. If the line keeps going up, my guess is that percentage comes down a bit. But given the Bills three-game win streak and the 49ers four-game losing streak, it is possible the public is happy to keep betting this number up into double digits.

All of this is particularly fascinating in light of not even knowing who the 49ers will be starting at quarterback. It could be Blaine Gabbert, it could be Colin Kaepernick. Considering some team support for Christian Ponder, maybe he somehow ends up starting.

When it comes to gambling, they say the best option is betting the number, and not betting the teams. I don’t think a high single digit number is out of line, but the more this goes up, the more I am inclined to put a little bit of money on the 49ers. I would be surprised if it climbed into double digits across the board, but we could very well see one or two sportsbooks go that far.