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Colin Kaepernick to start at QB this week vs. Buffalo Bills

Chip Kelly is making a change at quarterback.

Chip Kelly announced on Tuesday that Colin Kaepernick is going to take over as the team’s No. 1 quarterback in practice this week. Kelly told the media that any change would need to happen at the beginning of the practice week, and with the team returning to practice, the move is happening.

Fooch’s note: Site decorum is off

Kelly said it was not all Blaine’s fault the offense is struggling. He said that this was one of the few moves they could make with their current depth chart to try and get the offense going more consistently. Clearly he recognizes the wide receiver depth chart is a mess. Carlos Hyde is playing very well, and we’re seeing some solid growth from the offensive line. That means the only thing that is left to change is at the quarterback position.

Kelly was asked what has changed in terms of Kaepernick getting back into physical shape. Kelly said it has been nearly six weeks since he first mentioned Kaepernick needing to work back to his pre-injury form, and plenty has changed in that time.

Blaine Gabbert will serve as the No. 2 quarterback, which means Christian Ponder will be inactive as the No. 3.