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Chip Kelly on QB change: “It's really one of the only maneuvers we can make, based on our depth.”

Yep, the 49ers offense lacks serious depth.

“It's really one of the only maneuvers we can make, based on our depth.”

Chip Kelly announced on Tuesday that Colin Kaepernick would return to his role as the San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback. Kelly pointed to the need to improve the offense, and he said that changing quarterbacks was about the only option available to them.

In pointing to the lack of depth, it is easy to read into it as a dig of Trent Baalke. And considering the state of the offense, it is a dig at the 49ers general manager. I don’t think Chip Kelly was trying to take a shot at Baalke, but this is the kind of brutal honesty that is necessary.

The 49ers do lack considerable depth on offense. Aside from Carlos Hyde and Jeremy Kerley, the 49ers are getting almost nothing on offense with any sort of regularity. Torrey Smith is in the witness protection program. Quinton Patton has done nothing to emerge thus far. And it’s not like there are notable options behind them. Aaron Burbridge might eventually get more opportunities, but you don’t really put your eggs in the basket of a sixth round pick.

Chip Kelly was telling a very basic truth. The 49ers have serious issues of offensive depth. And that falls on Trent Baalke. Whether or not Kelly was taking a shot at Baalke, it is a basic fact about this team.