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49ers-Bills line: Colin Kaepernick is worth half a point

Considering he has not played meaningful snaps since 2015, that’s certainly something

San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly announced on Tuesday that Colin Kaepernick would replace Blaine Gabbert as the team’s starting quarterback. The change at quarterback has brought a slight change to the gambling line for the game. Our friends at Odds Shark aggregate odds from a variety of sources, and virtually all of them dropped the line by half a point.

The 49ers-Bills line opened at between seven and eight points across various sites, and by Tuesday morning, was between eight and nine points at most sites. Upon word that Kaepernick would take over, those lines dropped to between 7.5 and 8.5 points.

I figured there would be some slight adjustment on the line, but I am also not surprised it was only half a point. Kaepernick has not played meaningful snaps since Week 8 last year. Nobody really knows how this will play out on Sunday. We have some ideas, but it’s an unpredictable situation. It certainly keeps us a little more interested for the time being.