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Steve Young hopes Colin Kaepernick takes this opportunity and stays with 49ers

He also provided an opinion on the play, The Book of Mormon.

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Happy birthday to San Francisco 49ers legend Steve Young! It is a big fall for Young as NFL Network just aired his “A Football Life,” and he has an autobiography that just published. You can purchase it here.

Young recently was walking around somewhere and a TMZ cameraman spotted him. I’m not entirely sure how they figure this out, but I suppose it would be from tips or something. But whatever the case, you can watch the video below. They asked Young about Colin Kaepernick returning to the starting lineup and what it means. Young had this to say:

“This is his chance to go make a career for himself, and really set things up. And he’s got a great offensive-minded coach. This is a great opportunity for him to reclaim the locker room. I like Colin Kaepernick, and I want him to take this opportunity and stay with the 49ers.”

The cameraman also asks him about turning down a role in There’s Something About Mary, and his thoughts on the play The Book of Mormon (Young is a descendant of Brigham Young). A fun little quick Q&A.