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Singer Leah Tysse takes knee during National Anthem at Kings game

Tysse is the second Anthem performer that I know of that has taken a knee during the performance.

The Sacramento Kings opened their new arena Monday evening, and National Anthem singer Leah Tysse decided to make a statement during her performance. The Bay Area native took a knee as she closed out her Anthem performance. Colin Kaepernick started this movement, and it has spread to other athletes at the professional and amateur level.

Tysse is not the first Anthem performer to take a knee. An Oakland high school band took a knee while performing the Anthem at an Oakland A’s game.

Colin Kaepernick returns to the starting quarterback role on Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers travel to face the Buffalo Bills. It’s safe to say this will pick up a little more steam in the media and across the country with his return to significant playing time for the first time since last season.

Tysse posted video of the Anthem on Facebook, and offered up a statement for why she did it. You can read and view it below:

Posted by Leah Tysse on Tuesday, October 11, 2016