Insider Information (Ask a Bills Fan)

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Hello 49ers fans! This is your friendly neighborhood Bills fan(s) come to answer your questions that you might have about the upcoming match-up between our two teams. Ask any questions you have below and myself, or other very knowledgeable Bills fans, will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Bills are currently sitting at 3-2 back into contention after winning three straight and dodging the season reapers scythe after sitting at 0-2. Our re-birth was largley due to the offense playing a more efficiant game. Before our offense was feast or famon. We'd get two or three big plays a game then everything else would sputter causing the defense to suffer, as well. Rex decided that it was time for a change and fired previous OC Greg Roman. In Roman's place Anthony Lynn was promoted and, at the very least, has done a decent of keeping the offense on the field longer so that the defense can get a rest.

So, as of right now we're hoping to keep the streak alive. Whether or not that happens is a different story. Overall, I think that it's going to be a closer game then what is being predicted. I'll go Buffalo 23-San Fran 19

Ask any questions below!

(PS: Sorry, this is a so late. Usually these come out on Wednesday or Tuesday, but I couldn't find the time until now.)

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