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Chip Kelly clarifies depth comment and suspected Trent Baalke shot

The 49ers roster has problems, but Chip Kelly’s comments offered some clarity about his thoughts.

Chip Kelly met with the media, and he was able to clarify a point of contention from his press conference earlier this week. On Tuesday, Kelly announced the quarterback change, saying the team needed to get more consistency on offense. He pointed out the limited options facing the team, stating, “It's really one of the only maneuvers we can make, based on our depth.”

Naturally, the easy assumption was that this was a shot at Trent Baalke, either implied or accidental. I said at the time that Kelly likely was not trying to take a shot at Trent Baalke, but the state of the 49ers roster made it a statement of fact.

Kelly was asked early in his Thursday press conference about that statement. He offered some clarification with regard to the rotations that already happen. Kelly said he meant that they already do extensive rotation throughout the offense, and the quarterback position is the only one that has not seen rotation. He talked about how they already rotate in Shaun Draughn and Mike Davis, their use of numerous wide receivers and tight ends, and the use of a sixth offensive lineman.

He said his point was that the quarterback position is the only one left that has not seen any sort of rotation. We already know the 49ers roster has depth issues, particularly at wide receiver. But for the the purposes of that comment, it makes at least a little bit of sense.