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Skip Bayless with great theory about why Chip Kelly announced on Tuesday Colin Kaepernick starting

I normally ignore Skip Bayless’ brand of nonsense, but I couldn’t help myself with this one.

I normally stay from anything Skip Bayless says. he is a carnival barker similar to someone else I dislike, and I really don’t think he actually offers anything of substance in most cases. That being said, sometimes he says something so ridiculous that I can’t help but laugh. In his latest Twitter missive, Skip says he thinks Chip Kelly announced Colin Kaepernick as the team’s starter early in the week so that the Buffalo Bills would have extra time to prepare for him. According to Skip, Chip wants Kaepernick to fail quickly.

I realize there are probably conspiracy theorists out there who believe what Skip says. Back when they were together on First Take, Skip and Stephen A. Smith peddled their “Chip’s a racist” comments, so my guess is he thinks this is partially to do with Kaepernick being a black quarterback. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Bayless seems inclined to keep pushing his usual brand of nonsense.

Chip Kelly met with the media on Thursday, and he was actually asked why he would announced Kaepernick so earlier. The questioner specifically mentioned the idea of keeping the Bills guessing. Kelly had this to say:

“Well, I think we live in a society, number one, that there are no secrets. So, if Colin took all the reps with the ones on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, somebody’s ‘mole’ would have told them who was taking all the reps, you know what I mean? And I don’t really care. We have two similar quarterbacks. Our offense doesn’t change. I don’t think you’re going to outsmart people in the National Football League where all of a sudden if the second quarterback’s playing that [Buffalo Bills head coach] Rex [Ryan] is going to tear up his game plan and say, ‘We’re screwed. We have no idea how to defend him.’ People way over-analyze the whole thing. You ask me a question. I’m going to tell you an answer. You ask me who our quarterback is. I’m going to tell you who our quarterback is. Our quarterback maneuver was made on Tuesday then our quarterback will be announced on Tuesday. So, I don’t buy that whole stick the banana in the tailpipe and try to tell them the car is broken. It is what it is. We made the maneuver on Tuesday. I’ll announce it on Tuesday.”