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Flashback Friday: The last time Kap took the keys

Here's a good video showcasing Kaepernick's takover in 2012. Combined with the Dark Knight theme, you can get pumped for Sunday with this.

So, early this morning I get a text from Fooch:

"Hey, can you find some good Colin Kaepernick footage for a flashback Friday?"

Hell YES  I can! I’ve been waiting to showcase this video since I started at Niners Nation a few years back. It just never seemed like the right moment. Well now it is. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Colin Kaepernick being 2012.

But this awesomeness is not to be underestimated. This is back when we once thought he would revolutionize the position. This is the guy that had Jaws going through that messy clutter of a desk and finding a framed crinkled paper that said "Quarterback Attributes" (and stating Kap fell into all of them). This is the guy that Jim Rome said was "One of the X-men" after he torched Green Bay in the playoffs. This is a sample of a guy where we all said "This guy will be amazing."

And it didn't exactly happen.

Regardless if Kaepernick will never be an elite NFL quarterback or just a flash in the pan like many are saying now, the highlights he did have for that extended flash were nothing short of awesome. The dimes, the 50+ runs, everything. And he embarrassed Green Bay in the playoffs.

Call me crazy, but as I watch him in 2012, he certainly looks a lot different as a quarterback. Maybe it's the O-line, maybe it's before he really got into bad habits, but 2012 he just looked like a completely different quarterback than subsequent years where he settled into the role.

Oh yeah, that Dark Knight theme really works well. This video always gets me jacked up.

As always, the NFL DMCA biscuits have blocked watching it here because they think it's just not a good thing. You can watch it at YouTube here.