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Phil Dawson was once involved in a fantastic touchdown celebration

The San Francisco 49ers have struggled with consistency on offense, but one guy who has been a stalwart in recent years is kicker Phil Dawson. Recently, 49ers team reporter Joe Fann put together a fun feature about Dawson looking at the greatest hits of his career.

It’s a fun read, but most importantly, it revealed a fantastic touchdown celebration involving Dawson. Back when he was in Cleveland, the kicker was involved in a fake field goal that resulted in a touchdown. Holder Chris Gardocki pitched the ball to Dawson, who ran it in behind some great blocking. The most intriguing thing about this is that it was the first rushing touchdown in the history of the new Cleveland Browns.

But what’s better about it was the celebration. You can watch it below, but it features Dawson tossing the ball back to Gardocki who kicks it in mid-air. I can all but guarantee that would result in a flag today, maybe even multiple flags. I don’t think you can kick the ball away after a touchdown, and I don’t think group celebrations are allowed. Phil Dawson is a rebel!