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NFL picks against the spread, Week 6: Time for that 49ers reverse jinx

The 49ers are underdogs against the Bills in Week 6. We’re going reverse jinx action this weekend. Here are my ATS picks, including five LVH SuperContest picks.

Welcome back for more Week 6 football. The San Francisco 49ers are back on the road this week after a ten-day layoff, set to face the Buffalo Bills. The 49ers opened as a 7.5-point underdog, which is the line I am getting in the LVH SuperContest. However, the line has climbed to nine points at a lot of sports books, and even ten points at one.

For the third straight season, I am back for the LVH SuperContest. SB Nation's partners over at Odds Shark are sponsoring my entry again. The contest requires selecting 5 games each week and picking them against the spread. This year's contest is expected to have over 1,800 participants, which is a new record for the SuperContest. SB Nation is represented by myself and Matt Ufford, and there are folks from all over the blogosphere involved. Everybody picks their own five games and there will be a running leaderboard HERE. You can follow my standings under the name "Fooch.”

I have shown slight improvement every couple weeks. I went 1-4 each of the first two weeks, then 2-3 each of the next two weeks. This past week I went 3-2. I remain near the bottom, but if I can keep improving, I’ll take it.

Here are my SuperContest picks for Week 6. Fade at your leisure:

SAINTS (+3) over Panthers
BILLS (-7.5) over 49ers
TITANS (-7) over Browns
WASHINGTON (+2.5) over Eagles
SEAHAWKS (-6.5) over Falcons

Yes, I’m going with the Bills over the 49ers. Part of that is the reverse jinx. Maybe the 49ers will go on the road and shock the Bills behind a huge game from Colin Kaepernick and/or Carlos Hyde and/or the defense. I am inclined to think we don’t see that dramatic improvement, but what the heck, why not? I will gladly sacrifice the pick!

And yes, we’re looking all home teams this week, with a pair of home underdogs in the mix. I am basically never going to pick the Saints on the road, but at home, that offense can do some damage. And the Panthers defense is not exactly impressing. As for Washington? I’ll take a divisional home team dog. The Eagles suffered their first loss last week. I think they’re better than we all thought heading into Week 1, but I also think they’re overvalued right now.

Here are all my picks for Week 6:

CHARGERS vs. Broncos (-3): Chargers - Won
PATRIOTS vs. Bengals (+8.5): Patriots
GIANTS vs. Ravens (+3): Ravens
SAINTS vs. Panthers (-3): Saints
DOLPHINS vs. Steelers (-7.5): Steelers
BEARS vs. Jaguars (+2.5): Jaguars
BILLS vs. 49ers (+7.5): Bills
LIONS vs. Rams (+3.5): Rams
TITANS vs. Browns (+7): Titans
WASHINGTON vs. Eagles (-2.5): Washington
RAIDERS vs. Chiefs (PK): Chiefs
SEAHAWKS vs. Falcons (+6.5): Seahawks
PACKERS vs. Cowboys (+4.5): Cowboys
TEXANS vs. Colts (+3): Texans
CARDINALS vs. Jets (+7.5): Cardinals