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Golden Nuggets: The Kap Audition Begins

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, October 15th 2016

Good Morning!

So everything in 49ers land has to be Colin Kaepernick at this point and he has the ultimate opportunity to not only win himself a job, but also hose the 49ers organization.

Think logically, this is the same guy who had to deal with rumor after rumor and leak after leak while Jim Tomsula attempted to run things. Before that, this guy came in and took the 49ers to a Super Bowl, and then didn’t do too bad for a year or so before “The Regression” happened.

So a smear campaign and then his own public admittance he didn’t play his best. Kap has two mission objectives:

1: Win Win Win

2: Get the hell out of San Francisco.

Doing so would leave the 49ers in draft hell (middle of the board or worse) and him off to a brand new team. And how can you blame him given what he came into and how he’s ended up? Kaepernick cannot be franchised meaning the only way they are going to get him back is if they do a complete overhaul of management and pay him even more money. Ask Alex Boone about that whole removal of the franchise tag—he split for Minnesota before the ink could dry on the free agency tracker.

And by the said “Win Win Win” mission objective, Kap puts the 49ers “Back back back” in the draft when they go looking for his replacement. If Kaepernick sticks around after this season, whoever gets the deal done should go down as negotiator of the year. As far as Kaepernick’s concerned, he wants to look good for potential suitors, and jam the 49ers when they head into the draft to get a quarterback. That’s one possible scenario, or maybe he will be back next year. It all points to Kaepernick having an 11 game audition on his way out.

If he wins 11 games the 49ers may as well go to the Super Bowl.

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What a horrible night to have a curse...