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Simulation Saturday: 49ers vs. Bills on Madden 17

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We run the 49ers/Bills game through Madden 17. Don’t expect anything different.

So now with the quarterback situation changed, perhaps Madden will let us win a game. I’m not too optimistic on the possibilities, but perhaps we may not be infuriated. So far Madden is 4-1 on the season. The exact opposite of the 49ers record. All of those games, we were supposed to lose.

Let’s get to this game now, shall we?

Quarter Length: 6 minutes

Notable Inactives: Jimmie Ward (CB, 49ers) Marcell Dareus (DT, Bills)

1st Quarter:

The 49ers received and out came Colin Kaepernick (YAYYYYYY!!!!). Starting from a nice 30 yard return, the 49ers had Carlos Hyde get the run game going. With Hyde taking the majority of the carries, minus a couple four yard runs from Kap and a 5 yard pass to Torrey Smith, the 49ers managed to make it onto the 2-yard line. And then Kaepernick threw a pick to Stephon Gilmore.

The Bills came out and went to an ugly 3 and out which had passes batted down by both Tramaine Brock and Eli Harold, sending the ball back for the 49ers to have another try at this touchdown thing.

It was another balanced attack of both passing and running that took the 49ers past the 50 yard line. Unfortunately a holding penalty stalled everything, but Quinton Patton was able to get 8 yards of it back on the next play to set up 3rd and 11 to end the 1st quarter.

2nd Quarter:

The 49ers winded punting the ball back and the bills took the touchback at the 25. Despite a few nice runs, the Bills had to punt again to the 49ers and down it at the 5 yard line.

On 1st and 10, from the 49ers own 5 yard line, Colin Kaepernick took off down the field for a 95 yard touchdown. God I’ve missed these.

Score: 7-0, 49ers.

The Bills got the ball back and started running again, getting a 1st down with LeSean McCoy. An Arik Armstead sack put an end to the drive and the Bill sent it back to the 49ers.

The 49ers nickle and dimed the Bills defense with the run AND pass game. Very balanced. A 30 yard pass to Jeremy Kerley put the 49ers to the 4 yard line. Thanks to a Quinton Patton touchdown on the very next play, the 49ers have the biggest lead in Madden simulations for 2016.

Score: 14-0, 49ers

The Bills fumbled the kickoff, with Quinton Patton scooping the loose ball up. Out comes Colin Kaepernick again and the 49ers take up shop on the 4 yard line. Carlos Hyde went for 4 yards, and Vance McDonald was able to finish the Bills’ blunder up with a nice dart from Kap for the 49ers to go up yet again.

Score 21-0, 49ers

The Bills got the ball back with 1:00 to go, but two plays in, an Aaron Lynch hit forced Tyrod Taylor to give up the ball. Again Patton made the save and the 49ers took over on the Bills’ 25 yard line.

Kap aired the ball out to his receivers and his running back. In 4 plays he nailed Garrett Celek for another TD. This is a blowout.

Score 28-0, 49ers

With 37 seconds left, the Bills tried to make something, but wound up only getting to the niners’ 45 yard line. Dan Carpenter tried a 59 yard field goal, but missed.

3rd quarter:

The Bills received and from the first play to start the half, LeSean McCoy took off through the tackles and ran it all the way back for a 75 yard Bills TD. It wasn’t 95 yards like Kaps, but still pretty good.

Score: 28-7, 49ers

The Colin Kaepernick show began at the 49ers 25 yard line and the first play was a 24 yard dime to Quinton Patton. A pair of sacks unfortunately ended any chance and the 49ers had to punt the ball away.

The Bills chipped away at the 49ers D, with McCoy getting nice runs in and leading to a 49 yard Dan Carpenter field goal.

Score 28-10, 49ers

The 49ers received and after a nice 6 yard touchdown by Hyde, he proceeded to fumble the ball on the next play, giving the bills amazing field position. It only took two plays and a run by Reggie Bush of all people to capitolize. So much for a blowout.

Score 28-17, 49ers

The 49ers went with a balanced attack with some nice throws to Kerley, Smith, and Hyde to close out the quarter.

4th Quarter:

Continuing on the drive they began, the 49ers entered the redzone with a nice 18 yard run by Carlos Hyde. After a 15 yard pass to Torrey Smith, the 49ers wound up in the red zone. After a holding call on the defense, Carlos Hyde sealed the deal on the defense and got another TD.

Score 35-17, 49ers

The Bills passing game came alive with a pair of 30 yard dimes and a nice McCoy rush to put them up at the 10 yard line. Unfortunately, they stalled and went to 4th and 4. A McCoy run for 5 yards got them onto the 1 yard line and a new set of downs. You know what happened next.

Score 35-24, 49ers

The Bills tried and onside kick and failed miserably. The 49ers got the ball at the 50 yard line with 3:30 to close this thing out. They didn’t. Instead it’s a Bradley Pinion punt. With 2:30 left in the game, the Bills tried to dig out of the hole they were in. It only took 6 passes to get a TD. Oh and they got a 2 point conversion.

Score 35-32, 49ers

The 49ers fumbled the kickoff. Yes, you read that right. And the Bills got the ball. And guess what? They scored. So much for Madden approving of the Kaepernick start. We only got 1:36 to go. At least they missed the extra point.

Score 38-35, Bills

35 points was all the 49ers had in the tank. As Kaepernick fumbled the ball, recovered it, and then went to a failed 4th down attempt. Tyrod Taylor took a kneel and we can all throw up from the punch in the gut this is, if it happens.

Final Score: 38-35, Bills

Final Thoughts:

Nothing like a good ole, 28 point blown lead to make everyone wonder if going to Kaepernick was a good idea. I was going to say Madden approved of the QB switch, but that clearly isn’t the case.

I don’t think the 49ers will get out of Buffalo with a win, but I doubt they get 28 points and cough up the lead to get there. The Bills aren’t the Patriots.