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Colin Kaepernick arrives to Bills stadium wearing Muhammad Ali t-shirt

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The 49ers quarterback wears a statement as he enters New Era Field.

The San Francisco 49ers are warming up at New Era Field in Buffalo, and quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to go with another statement t-shirt. Kaepernick got off the 49ers bus and entered the stadium wearing a Muhammad Ali t-shirt. ESPN’s Josina Anderson got some video of it, and then added in a couple pictures.

Since starting the National Anthem protest, comparisons have been made to numerous notable figures in the Civil Rights movement. Muhammad Ali was active in expressing his displeasure with the way blacks were treated in America. Most notably, he was stripped of the world heavyweight title and was unable to fight for four years when he refused to be drafted. Ali cited his religious beliefs, but was arrested and found guilty of draft evasion. He appealed the conviction, and the United States Supreme Court eventually overturned it.