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Buffalo weather could be unfriendly for Colin Kaepernick

It’s not cold in Buffalo, but it’s windy and it could rain.

Jennifer Lee Chan

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has historically played exceptionally well in very cold weather. No one can forget his performance in Green Bay in 2013 when all of the pregame talk was regarding his ability to play in frigid conditions. Such is not the case in Buffalo where he will make his first start in 2016.

Although it’s overcast, it’s unseasonably warm in Buffalo for October. It’s 71 degrees, 66 percent humidity, and there’s a 40 percent chance of precipitation. If it starts to rain, it could dampen not only the field, but the possibility of Kaepernick’s success. Rain coupled with the 20 mph windy conditions could make throwing the ball more challenging. Not only are the flags completely perpendicular at the top of the stadium, but the on the field, any loose clothing is flapping wildly. It’s reminiscent of the swirling wind conditions at Candlestick. Both Kaepernick and Phil Dawson have their work cut out for them.

Expectations for Kaepernick are running pretty high with 49ers fans who have been chanting for a change for weeks. The weather conditions, however, could keep the ball in RB Carlos Hyde’s hands more often than in the air. WR Jeremy Kerley will likely continue his role in the short passing game while Torrey Smith and the long game will probably remain nearly nonexistent.