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T-shirt being sold outside Bills stadium with Colin Kaepernick in cross-hair

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In case you are wondering how vile people can be in America, look no further than a t-shirt someone is selling in Buffalo. SI’s Robert Klemko came across a pair of t-shirts being sold by an anonymous person off the Bills stadium property. One said “Shut up and stand up.” However, the real problem is the one featuring a cross-hair over Kaepernick, surrounded by the words Wanted Notorious Disgrace to America.

People are certainly allowed to voice displeasure against the Anthem protest, and even counter-protest it. I imagine the person selling the rifle scope t-shirt will say it’s not saying to kill Kaepernick, but you’d be a fool to not recognize the implication. I don’t think someone is going to try and kill Colin Kaepernick because of this t-shirt, but it’s a despicable design that does not need to say what the designer would like to imply. Counter-protests are fine, and part of what makes America the country it is. But this is cowardly nonsense.