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Jerry Rice tweets at, then deletes Torrey Smith for not going harder for overthrown pass

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Jerry learning that sometimes it pays not to tweet.

Current San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith and former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice had a a very brief Twitter exchange (well, sort of) following Sunday’s Week 6 loss to the Buffalo Bills. Early in the game, Smith went deep and quarterback Colin Kaepernick overthrew him. You can watch the play here, with Kap’s throw landing deep in the end zone.

Later in the game, Jerry Rice sent out a tweet calling out Smith for not going harder for the ball. Rice has since deleted the tweet, but Smith responded. Initially Smith thought it was on the underthrown Kap pass, but someone offered up a clarification.

I’m guessing Rice realized the error of his tweet, or simply just wanted to end the discussion. Whatever the case, in the bigger picture, the actual exchange doesn’t matter. But it was interesting to see the 49ers take several shots downfield. They were not all that deep, but it did seem like the 49ers were trying to press the game a bit more. For the time being this is just my perception, and Pro Football Focus, among others, will have stats to tell us how much the 49ers were going 10 or 15 or more yards down the field.

The 49ers offense stalled out regularly in the second half, which was a recurring problem when Blaine Gabbert was in charge of things. The 49ers seemed to show more signs of life. Part of that was due to seeing some deeper shots, while part of it was likely due to seeing runs that at least at first glance, seemed a bit more electrifying than what we saw from Blaine Gabbert. Nonetheless, the offense needs to make strides. If we see the same thing the next few weeks, we could very well see Kaepernick himself benched. Maybe for Christian Ponder, maybe back to Gabbert, who knows.

But for now, the game is at least a building block from which the team can hopefully grow. I don’t think we’ll see them winning many more games, but some kind of sign of improvement would be welcome.