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Chip Kelly talks Colin Kaepernick, 49ers defensive break down

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It was an ugly game and the head coach gave a partial breakdown why. Watch video here.

It was another game where the San Francisco 49ers defense allowed a 100-yard rusher. It was also a game where the defense was just shy of giving up 500 yards to the opposing offense. Kaepernick wasn't bad but he still showed some signs of rust.

If you want to read between the lines, Kelly spoke about the coaches needing to do a better job at getting the backs into the right places to make plays regarding the defense. If anyone is on the hot seat at this point, its probably defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil.

Here’s the full transcript (video):

You did some good things in the first half, what was the issue in the second half?

I don’t think we ran the ball well in the second half. Give credit to Buffalo in terms of shutting down some of the things but we didn’t get the production out of the running backs that we needed for us to be successful. We got to do a bit better on longer third downs. Trying to convert those a little bit different than the first half. In the first half I thought we were in a decent rhythm, did some nice things but we have to be able to sustain them the whole game.

Can you evaluate Colin’s performance?

I thought it was ok. There are some positives that you can really build on with him that I thought he did. I thought he extended some drives, keeping plays alive with his legs. I thought he did a good job, it was a pretty good situation in terms of him running the football. But overall offensively I think as a group, we need to run the ball as a group better, we need to be better in the passing game.

In terms of the defensive break down, why does that happen week after week?

That’s a really good question. I don't know. I know there were a lot of missed tackles today just from my vantage point on the sideline. Gotta look at the film and see where the fits were, see if we were spilling the ball where it was supposed to be spilled and do we have guys there to make plays that can make plays. But just looking from the sideline there still were some instances where you knew you’re playing against a good back you have to swarm tackle him and get around him, get a lot of guys around the ball like we talked about all week and you gotta wrap up when you get there and we didn’t do a good job. I think the plays with Taylor were specific and looked a lot like our Seattle game against Russell Wilson where he kept plays alive with his feet. When it looks like we have a chance to get in clean for a sack but now we’re running him off the field but we don’t get him off the field all the way and he gets to extend the play. They made some real big plays on scrambles so trying to contain Tyrod for us was difficult today.

Can you talk about your choice to go for it on fourth down?

I thought on fourth and one we were going to get it and that’s why we called it. And then Carlos got a shoulder and was out. I don’t know exactly what long term prognosis he has. It’s a bread and butter play that we run but we just didn’t execute it.

Was Carlos available for that play?

No. I don’t know exactly what he went out for but I don’t think he was available at that point in time. I’m going to check, I’m not sure on that one.

How did Kaepernick look from a physical standpoint?

I thought physically he looked good. I thought he did some good things out there. Again, for his first time back I thought he did an ok job. We have to be better overall on offense, not just the quarterback. It’s everyone on the offensive side of the ball but I thought he really made some plays with his legs today. We have to do a better job with everyone on the offensive side.

A couple of passes seemed to be short, was that the wind?

I think there were some wind issues there and a couple that were maybe a bit too hard too but I don’t think there were any issues with his arm strength in the game at all.

He did better in the first half than the second, that’s not a stamina thing?

I think we all did. (laughing) But, no, that wasn’t an issue at all.

Is he your starting quarterback next week?

Yeah, we’ll see.

Can you talk about the touchdown where Antoine Bethea and Eric Reid were covering?

Again, from where I’m standing, it was on the far sideline away from us, I don’t know exactly where they were coming from. We didn’t fit up on them the right way, but until I see the film I can’t comment specifically but I know we didn’t tackle them.

There’s been so much noise around Kaepernick prior to the game. Did you get any sense of nerves?

He was the same as he’s been since he’s been here. He’s focused on the task at hand and did a real good job of that so there’s nothing from that standpoint.

You’ve given up over 100 yards to five straight rushers. Is it a scheme issue or a personnel issue?

I think it’s an every person issue. I think we have to do a better job as coaches of putting our backs in position.

Why is Gerald Hodges not playing as a linebacker?

It’s just the rotation based on what we do during the week at practice, whether we’re going to play Mike or we’re going to play Gerald. I know Mike has doe a really good job fir us when we’ve given him the opportunity. So it’s based on how we practice and how we train. That’s why we’ve made those decisions.

Is that the sort of performance you're familiar with from McCoy?

LeSean is a real talented player and we knew coming in that we had to gang tackle and we just didn't do a good enough job getting him down.

If Colin hadn’t restructured his contract would he have been playing?

Yeah, his contract had nothing to do with this. He played the fist game and he didn’t have a restructured contract.