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Golden Nuggets: Well that certainly sucked

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, October 17th 2016

One really has to wonder why I clear my Sundays and invest in Sunday Ticket when the 49ers are just going to give me this smelly, awful, poor excuse for a football team as a product on the field. I doubt DirecTV gives refunds for your favorite team sucking, or else Browns fans outside of Cleveland Ohio would be running that company dry.

But I’m disappointed. So disappointed. Is Chip Kelly the answer? I don’t know. I knew Jim Tomsula sure as hell wasn’t. I knew Mike Singletary definitely wasn’t, but I don’t know. That 49ers team is so bad you don’t know where to start. Obviously I’d point the finger at Trent Baalke, and I have.

Even that’s not a sure argument anymore.

The 49ers ‘defense’ and I loosely say the words ‘defense’ because that group of players I saw today looked more like stand-ins and patchwork than an NFL defense, gave up 140 yards to LeSean McCoy. They also were happy to give up over 300 yards of total offense to the Bills and looked like no one gave them the brochure on basic tackling. This is something shockingly bad for anyone, but at this point, I’m not surprised—and that’s pathetic. So I guess that’s a start: Figure out why this ‘defense’, you know, the one that Baalke burned all those draft picks on, can’t cover a field of receivers consistently. So many holes in that backfield made a Swiss cheese green with envy.

Then there’s the offense. At least it is an offense. Not a competent or scary one, but it’s still an offense. Colin Kaepernick looked good...for about 15 minutes. Then he started missing throws, getting sacked and fumbling the ball, but he was a step up from Blaine Gabbert. So, progress? His O-line wasn’t exactly helping him, and the playcalling wasn’t exactly lights out either. That’s not really saying much, but if Kaepernick is really putting the NFL on notice for a potential landing spot, he wasn’t exactly inspiring in his first game back. Is he the issue? I don’t know.

This team is so bad you don’t know where to diagnose the issues. I still want to say it’s the on-field product of Trent Baalke, but now I wonder if even that’s a stretch. How about you guys read these links, think about it, and give me some ideas in the comments?

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What a horrible night to have a curse...