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Frank Gore moves past Edgerrin James, Tiki Barber on scrimmage yards list

The Inconvenient Truth continues climbing the all-time leaderboards.

The San Francisco 49ers may be struggling, but we can always keep an eye on Frank Gore and the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts tried to get their season back on track in Week 6, but blew it in a big way. They led 23-9 at one point, but gave up two fourth quarter touchdowns and an overtime field goal to lose 26-23. They dropped to 2-4 with the loss.

The Colts lost in spite of a solid performance by Gore. He put together a strong performance in this Week 6 matchup, rushing 22 times for 106 yards, and added a two-yard reception. It was actually the first Colts rushing performance in three years to reach 100. He now has 434 rushing yards on the season, and is on pace for 1,157.

His 108 total yards of offense have moved him further up the NFL’s all-time leaderboard for total yards from scrimmage. He now has 15,696 yards from scrimmage for his career. He entered SNF ranked No. 14 on the leaderboard. His SNF performance pushed him up to No. 12, ahead of Edgerrin James and Tiki Barber. Next up at No. 11 is Terrell Owens, who has 16,185 yards from scrimmage. After that are No. 10 Tony Dorsett (16,293 yards), and No. 9 Thurman Thomas (16,532 yards).

Gore also now has 12,474 rushing yards. He remains at No. 9 on the all-time list. Tony Dorsett is No. 8 at 12,739 yards, while Eric Dickerson is No. 7 at 13,259 yards. Gore can surpass Dorsett in the next three or four games, but is unlikely to pass Dickerson this season.