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The Bills were not impressed with the 49ers

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A collection of quotes from Buffalo players including comments about Kaepernick’s protest

There are quite a few connections between the San Francisco 49ers and the Buffalo Bills. Chip Kelly was formerly LeSean McCoy’s head coach, Reggie Bush used to play for the 49ers, Colin Kaepernick and Tyrod Taylor have trained together. The Bills clearly dominated the 49ers and a few of the players had some interesting things to say about Kaepernick and the 49ers.

Fooch’s note: Tyler Dunne got some anonymous quotations from Bills players saying Colin Kaepernick was “done,” “terrible,” and “[m]ore a distraction than a contributing member of the team.” He also got this from cornerback Stephen Gilmore:

"We wanted to do everything we could to make him throw the ball. I mean, he's an athlete. You can't take that from him. But when it comes to passing the ball, he can't really throw. ...We took advantage of that. We wanted to make him beat us with his arm, and he couldn't do that. ... Also, he hasn't played in a year-and-a-half? So we wanted to make him do something he wasn't comfortable with."

OL Richie Incognito

“We studied them, we knew we would have some success in the run game, and we went out and executed.”

RB LeSean McCoy

On playing Chip Kelly being a big deal

“No. I’m past that. To sit here and tell you that it didn’t affect me last year, I would be lying. It was tough. I think anybody, and of you guys, if you’re doing so well at your job and they basically passed that. That’s a whole year later, I’m here with this team. This Buffalo team and everything’s Buffalo. Sure there were people texting me about this and that, but I didn’t care about that. I care about winning games for Buffalo. We’re 4-2 right now. We have a chance to go get another win, you know 5 in a row. Yeah so everybody right now is in a great place.”

S Aaron Williams

On if there were challenging aspects of facing Kaepernick

“I mean not that I’m aware of, no.”

On post game conversation with Kaepernick

“Just wishing him health. I have a lot of respect for him. A lot of people may not agree with what he’s doing but it takes a heck of a man to pull something off like that. I just want him to stay strong. You know, if that’s how you feel, go with it. Don’t let nobody else tell you otherwise. Keep doing you and staying healthy. I mean that was it. Nothing but positive.”

LB Zach Brown

On if game plan was to slow down Kaepernick

“He hadn’t played in over a year. This is his first game in a long time so you knew he was going to be rusty so you just had to get him out of the pocket, make bad throws, make him try and run the ball and make bad decisions. They did, and it worked.”

LB Preston Brown

On preparing for Kaepernick

“I didn’t care who was playing. I mean if anybody playing, they had our attention. It is the NFL, you have to go out there each and every week, prepare the same each week, go out there and play the game. So it was fun playing Kaepernick going with all the stuff he had going. We wanted to see what he could do. It is definitely a guy you kind of root for, see how he was doing but it was fun to go out there and get a win.”

QB Tyrod Taylor

On post game chat with Kaepernick

“As far as playing football, that’s what we talked about. On the field, Colin is a great friend of mine. We met coming out of college, trained together in Atlanta for combine prep, so we’ve remained remained friends ever since then. Told him just that I was happy for him. It’s his team now, be the leader that we know that he can be, go out there and continue to keep fighting each day.”

Head coach Rex Ryan

“It was clear at halftime that we never had to do a whole lot of adjusting, we just had to play better defensively and that’s kind of what we did.”

“I know Kaepernick, I looked in there and he had a 144.0 quarterback rating at half time. I’m like, ‘Seriously? Like you’ve got to be kidding me.’ But I thought we tightened down the screws obviously in our pass coverage and played much better in the second half.”

Is this what you expected from Kaepernick?

“Well, especially in the first half, That’s what I was concerned that I’d get, a guy that can make plays with his legs. I mean it’s so dangerous and it keeps you out of your rhythm. You get upset because you play him a certain way unlike other quarterbacks just because of the threat that he is as a runner and he led their team in rushing so obviously he played well but shoot, he’s a dangerous guy.”

Did the defense spy on him?

“We tried to do a bunch off different stuff but mainly it was a four man rush and we tried, we thought we could time up coverage wise but the kid made some plays on us. I mean he did a nice job.”