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The 49ers might as well sign ILB Nick Moody

The 49ers need help at ILB, so why not an old friend?

Chip Kelly said the San Francisco 49ers will consider some changes at the inside linebacker position in Week 7, following a game in which Nick Bellore and Michael Wilhoite were abysmal. It will not clean up the run defense problems, but any kind of change is necessary.

One option might be taking a look at an ex-49er.

Nick Moody was given a four-game suspension this offseason violating one of the NFL’s drug policies. This article said it was a violation of the substance abuse policy, but this tweet would suggest it was actually the policy on performance-enhancing drugs.

Whatever the case, he is a free agent, and eligible to play. The 49ers inside linebackers are not particularly good. We can expect to see more of Gerald Hodges and/or Shayne Skov this weekend. I can’t imagine them being any worse than Wilhoite and/or Bellore, but I suppose we shouldn’t make that assumption.

Whatever the case, change is needed. The 49ers released Moody last year as part of final roster cuts. He signed with the Seattle Seahawks practice squad at the close of Week 1, and was promoted to the active roster in October. He was placed on injured reserve in late November. He is best suited as a special teams player, but there could be some value in a flier on him. It might make more sense long-term to sign a younger player, but if the 49ers think they can return to competitive form this season, Moody wouldn’t exactly be the worst addition.