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NFL coaches thinks Chip Kelly will jump ship for college job this year

The 49ers drama never ends. Never.

The San Francisco 49ers are struggling, and their talent questions leave doubt as to how quickly they can turn things around. That apparently has some NFL people thinking head coach Chip Kelly might jump ship after this season. Jason LaCanfora says he spoke with NFL coaches who think it will happen:

Kelly's offense continues to be ridiculed by his peers in the NFL, and several coaches I spoke to expect him to hit the eject seat button after this season and return to college before his stock continues to drop given the horrible roster he has in San Francisco.

He also had this quotation from one anonymous NFL executive:

"He just keeps running the same shit and it isn't fooling anybody," one NFL executive said. "Do you think they could bring him back to Oregon?"

There are several college football programs that are or will soon be looking for a new head coach. LSU fired Les Miles, and will be viewed by many as a nice option. Penn State and Texas seem to have some question marks surrounding them (although I do not pay close attention to college football). And of course, Kelly’s old Oregon Ducks have lost four straight and now sit at 2-4. If they continue, maybe Oregon comes calling.

I would like to think Kelly is not going to quit after one year, but I don’t think we can put anything past any football coach. If Trent Baalke is fired and Tom Gamble takes over, it potentially gives Kelly more say on the 53-man roster. If Baalke is not fired and we don’t see significant roster improvement, then maybe it makes sense for Kelly to walk away. I don’t see the 49ers firing Kelly given the money they owe him, but this is certainly one out for both sides at some point. I don’t think it happens after this season, but who knows where this whole thing is going at this point.

Time for a poll!