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Julio Jones had more yards in Week 4 than top 3 49ers WRs all season

Yep, the 49ers passing game is not good.

Julio Jones put together a ridiculous performance in Week 4 against the Carolina Panthers. He caught 12 passes for 300 yards and a touchdown, capping it with a 75-yard score. The Falcons improved to 3-1, and are in solid shape in the NFC South.

This game marks a career-high for Jones, whose previous high was 259 yards. It should surprise nobody that the 49ers have not quite matched those kinds of numbers. In fact, heading into their Week 4 matchup with the Dallas Cowboys, the 49ers top three receivers have a combined 310 yards in three games. Jeremy Kerley, Torrey Smith, and Quinton Patton are the top three wide receivers on the 49ers roster, and as the numbers show, they have not done a whole lot of much this year.

The 49ers added Keshawn Martin this week, but he will be inactive against the Cowboys. If San Francisco is going to spring the upset, it will be on the backs of Carlos Hyde and the defense more than anything else. That being said, the Cowboys defense is bad enough that if the 49ers passing game is going to show some signs of life, it will be in this one. We’ll see what the 49ers can do against this struggling Cowboys pass defense.