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49ers fan wearing anti-Jed York t-shirt wondering where everyone went

Plenty of San Francisco 49ers fans have been complaining about the players that have departed, retired, or been released or traded over the past two years. This is not new. However, someone decided to put together a t-shirt citing his complaints to Jed York. Kyle Madson’s mom is on hand for the game, and she got a picture of this guy in front of her:

The t-shirt is great in theory, but the execution is a little dodgy. I suppose it was going for the full rundown of players that are gone, but some of these names just make me laugh. I mean, Cameron Fuller? The 49ers signed him to the practice squad back near the end of the 2014 season, and then waived him the following March. Jonathan Martin was a talented player coming out of Stanford, but he obviously didn’t work out. Perrish Cox was solid enough, but not sure it’s worth getting in a huff over his departure.

Again, I like the t-shirt idea, but the execution is lacking.