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Cowboys score touchdown after BS personal fould call on Jaquiski Tartt

What absolute garbage.

The NFL has made a push for safety, and particularly protecting the quarterback. Generally that’s a good idea, but sometimes it results in horrific calls like the one we saw in the second quarter of 49ers-Cowboys.

The 49ers had Dak Prescott dead to rights on a sack, which would have ended the drive. Two 49ers had Prescott but he was still fighting to break loose. Jaquiski Tartt showed up and gave a shove to help tackle Prescott. The official immediately threw a flag calling it a personal foul.

As you can see in the video below, this is probably going to be the worst call by a referee this season. The whistle did not appear to have been blown, and even if it had, nobody was going to hear it at that point in the play. Instead, the Cowboys drive got a second life, and they turned it into a touchdown pass three plays later.

This is such garbage.