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Golden Nuggets: All three of the stooges on the media hit-list

A brief selection of articles about your San Francisco 49ers for October 20th, 2016.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers-Press Conference
Moe, Larry, the cheese!
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning friends, I welcome you to another Thursday edition of the Golden Nuggets. Other than the game later tonight, Thursday is the day when injury/recovery trends start to take shape, and news begins really trickling out to keep us satisfied until Sunday.

Unfortunately, there are few things the sports media loves more than a good team, and a horrifically mangled pile of molten garbage with highly questionable leadership at every level is one of them. When we were 1-0 until around 1-2, the media seemed fine to just pass over us, other than the AnthemGate (is that a thing yet?) coverage. Now that we sit at 1-5 and are firmly in the running for a top 3 pick in May, the vultures have caught the scent of blood and are swarming. The rumor mill is alive with talk of both Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly, and I’m sure a sordid hit-job cherry-on-top for Jed York is being engineered as we speak Eddie DeBartolo’s daughter is out for Jed’s head.

I really wish I had some better commentary for you fine folks, but at this point, we suck, our offense sucks, our defense sucks, the coaching isn’t awesome, the roster isn’t awesome, the ownership isn’t awesome, and I really wish I would’ve jumped on the pessimist vs. optimist offseason betting ring. Now, before you accuse me of too much gloom and doom, I assure you that there is good news. The links selection today is unusually solid.

I’ll see you all next week, same time and same place. Til then, keep the faith.

General 49ers News

The tides of the “Fire Baalke” movement begin to roll in | Jones, KNBR

Third Quarter woes plague team | Barrows, Sac Bee

49ers run defense projects to be historically bad | Barrows, Sac Bee

Kaepernick’s re-debut a mixed bag, more bad than good | Barrows, Sac Bee

Kelly’s adjustments tanked Kaepernick in second half | Cohn, Press Democrat

Joshua Garnett looks to build on shaky debut | Wagoner, ESPN

Ward stresses importance of stopping the run | Price,

Baalke leads GMs in temperature of chair | Young, Yahoo

Chatter about Chip Kelly returning to CFB already | La Canfora, CBS

Billionaire families at each other’s throats again | Ratto, CSN Bay Area

49ers Roster and Injury News

Hyde misses second practice, unlikely to place Sunday | Barrows, Sac Bee

Ward and Tartt both return to practice | Wagoner, ESPN

Will Redmond makes practice debut in IR-D window | Price,

WR Smelter to PS, WR Dres Anderson released | 49ers Staff,

49ers Opponent News

Doug Martin unlikely to play Sunday | Patra,

Hargreaves already a quality contributor as a rookie | Kania,

Vincent Jackson IR’d, but hasn’t done much since 2014 | Smith,