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Colin Kaepernick tops jersey sales in 7 states

The protest led to a bump in jersey sales. Now we wait and see if it continues with him back in the starting lineup.

The NFL released figures for top selling jerseys on for September 1-15, and Colin Kaepernick and NaVorro Bowman made the list. Kaepernick ranked No. 2 and Bowman ranked No. 20.

The increase in Kaepernick sales is not surprising. Although Kaepernick only played three snaps of football during that two week period, his National Anthem protest had him front and center for the NFL. It resulted in sales that trailed only Odell Beckham Jr. put together an infographic that showed the top selling jersey by state. Kaepernick led in California, which is no surprise. However, he also led in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, and Maryland. Things quieted down a bit once the season got going, so it will be interesting to see the top selling jerseys over the past month. Of course, now that he is back in the starting lineup, maybe we see the numbers increase again.

Here’s a look at the NFL infographic: