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Torrey Smith is pissed at the NFL’s mishandling of domestic violence

The NFL and the New York Giants gross mishandling of Josh Brown’s domestic violence is drawing criticisms from media, fans, and players. Wide receiver Steve Smith said Brown would be on IR if his ex-wife was Smith's daughter. And now, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith is voicing his anger with the situation.

The NFL has continually tried to assert its power over the players, whether it be on the issue of domeatic violence, or things like taunting and big hits. The onoy thing the NFL has shown in its discipline is glaring inconsistency. And given how serious domestic violence is, and how much of a problem it is in America, the NFL continues to come off worse and worse with each passing day.

The NFL is doing nobody any favors with its handling of domestic violence. If you get a minute give this article from Jane McManus a read. I would also recommend reading the investigating Deadspin has done that reflects how poorly the NFL has handled all this.