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DeAndre Smelter talks about coming back from injury and what he’s learned

The 49ers 2015 4th round draft pick spoke to the media following his waived/injured designation status. You can listen to the full interview here.

Well, if you assumed the 49ers’ time with DeAndre Smelter came after his injury settlement, you would be wrong. The San Francisco 49ers’ 4th round pick in 2015 is back and is finally catching some balls and working with the practice squad.

There’s not much to report on Smelter’s sample size; he basically sat out all of preseason with the hamstring injury and is finally getting a chance to take hits and catch some balls on the NFL level. Now it’s a matter of if he can get it together and get onto the main roster before someone else signs him away (granted he actually can bring help to the already drained 49ers receiving corps).

He chatted with the media following practice Friday on being brought back and what he’s been up to.

Interview begins after a question on what he was doing before he got signed

I was just rehabbing my hamstring and then after I was able to start running just trying to get back in the best shape possible.

Is it on the same—

No, it’s not, it’s on my right side.

Do you think there’s any connection at all? Overcompensation?

I don’t think so. I think it was just working it pretty good. I tried to, especially when I came back, tried to drop down on the weight a little bit just to make it easier on my body.

Did you have any contact with other teams between then and now, for workouts?

A couple things but nothing too major.

Did you visit any—

No sir, I stayed up here pretty much the whole time I was rehabbing.

You were listed at 227, do you think your weight played a role?

I don’t know. In college I played at 225 the whole time. It was just getting back into playing shape, getting back into everything. It may have played a little bit of a factor so that’s why I wanted to cut down a little bit.

How much do you weigh now?


Do you feel it?

Yeah I feel a lot lighter on my feet. Just out there running around everything’s a little bit easier. I got wind feeling good, body is feeling pretty good.

You hear the phrase catch and knife and how important it is to this offense. Do you feel like you catch and knife?

Oh yeah, I feel a lot smoother out there. Everything feels a lot less effortless. It feels good.

In the summer, coach Bicknell talked about how raw you were as a receiver. What can you do to kind of expedite that and try to learn the game of football and an NFL passing game like you need to.

I got in contact with a couple coaches that really could help me. I spent some time with them when I was gone. They helped out a lot. Anytime I can work with them that’s good for me.

Who was that?

A guy, David Robinson, down in Dallas, a really good dude. He helps out a lot of receivers. He helped me out too.

What areas were you looking to really hone in on?

Everything. I’m new to the position, I’m still learning a lot so he’s helped me out a lot.

How have these practices gone for you, can you see a difference?

Oh yeah, definitely, it just feels, I’m still doing a lot a running, but everything feels a lot easier. Definitely taking like, recovery and stuff. Just as serious as before, but just trying to find those steps to be able to stay out there.

Just scout team stuff these first few days.

Yeah, mainly. Just helping, trying to give those guys a look.

Are you Mike Evans?

Yes, I was there too.

Do you watch film of Mike Evans?

I watch film on pretty much everybody. I try to take something from everybody’s game and try to craft it into mine.

WHo’s your favorite receiver to watch?

There’s too many. I don’t know, like I said, I pretty much watch anybody from big receivers, small receivers, everything.

Torrey Smith’s your favorite?

*Laughs* I guess I have to say that since he’s right to the left, huh?

When you left, was there an understanding with the Niners that you’d be back once you got healthy?

Sort of, but there was nothing really set in stone. I just knew I had to do what I had to do, get my body right, get everything back ready to be put into the best position possible.

Did you work out with the team before they signed you?

Yes, sir.

And that workout obviously went pretty well?

Yes, sir.

So you didn’t go back home?

I didn’t, I stayed out here.