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49ers-Buccaneers game preview

I’m trying something new as we move forward. I’ve slowly started learning how to use iMovie, and I want to try and create a weekly game preview. It generally will be of more value to casual fans, but I am still curious what y’all think of it. I’m open to suggestions to improve these, and maybe come up with stuff you might find valuable.

I’m working on adding some music to the videos. There are copyright issues to consider, so I’m working on finding some creative commons options. I don’t have video options right now and am instead using still photos, but could potentially work those in at some point. But again, I‘m open to ideas to improve on these.

49ers-Buccaneers Week 7 game preview

We've got a preview of some key matchups for the San Francisco 49ers Week 7 contest against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Give it a watch!

Posted by Niners Nation: A San Francisco 49ers Blog on Sunday, October 23, 2016