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Chip Kelly: No changes coming to defensive coaching staff

The 49ers defense is reaching historic levels of ineptitude. Jim O’Neil cannot be long for his job.

The San Francisco 49ers defense gave up another huge offensive performance, and they head into the bye week in a tailspin. Changes might be in order, but for the time being, they will move forward with what they’ve got. Chip Kelly was asked if there would be any changes to the defensive coaching staff, and he said there would be no changes.

I did not expect him to say he would be firing Jim O’Neil or anybody else. But the 49ers defense clearly has numerous problems. The 49ers gave up 513 yards of offense, including 249 rushing yards. Combined with Week 6, the 49ers have given up 562 rushing yards the last two weeks. That is a franchise record.

I mentioned last week that I think the problems go beyond just defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil. He brings his own set of issues in game-planning and adjustments, but the team also has a serious talent deficiency. We’ve seen changes on the defensive side of the ball, most recently moving Gerald Hodges into the lineup in Week 7. If things continue at the present pace, I can’t imagine O’Neil surviving the season. Whether people want to blame him, Chip Kelly, Trent Baalke, individual players, or whomever, someone will be a fall guy at some point. And at some point, it’s going to be Jim O’Neil.