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2017 NFL Draft order: 49ers get help with Jets win

The 49ers dropped to 1-6 on Sunday with an ugly loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The good news is they got additional help on the 2017 NFL Draft board.

The San Francisco 49ers had a rough day on Sunday, but there is certainly a positive to take away from it. The team’s loss dropped them to 1-6, which keeps them up near the top of the 2017 NFL Draft board.

Just as important for the 49ers, the New York Jets beat the Baltimore Ravens to improve to 2-5. They were one of four teams with only one win, so they drop a little back of the remaining teams. The 49ers remain tied with the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers. The Bears dropped to 1-6 with a Thursday Night Football loss to the Green Bay Packers. The Carolina Panthers are on a bye this week and are 1-5.

The Cleveland Browns remain at the top of the draft board following a 31-17 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. The Browns could very well lose all of their remaining games. They host the New York Jets in Week 8 and the San Diego Chargers in Week 16. They travel to face the Baltimore Ravens in Week 10. Maybe an upset or two in there?


Cleveland Browns

1-5, 1-6

San Francisco 49ers
Chicago Bears
Carolina Panthers (1-5)

2-4, 2-5

New York Jets (2-5)
New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars

Here’s a quick look at next week’s schedule and some pertinent teams around the 49ers in the draft order. The 49ers have a bye.

Jaguars (2-4) @ Titans (3-4)
Seahawks (4-1) @ Saints (2-4)
Jets (2-5) @ Browns (0-7)
Cardinals (3-3) @ Panthers (1-5)
Vikings (5-1) @ Bears (1-6)