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Lisa DeBartolo wants Eddie DeBartolo owning the 49ers again

She’s still pissed.

Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat has made for many great memes, and we can add the San Francisco 49ers to the list. On Monday, Lisa DeBartolo, the daughter of former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo replied to someone who tweeted her with a hat that reads, “Make Eddie Owner Again.”

I used a screenshot of this tweet because as some might recall, she deleted a couple tweets calling out Jed York for his work as 49ers CEO. If you did not see those tweets, Jennifer Chan got some screenshots in there.

There is clearly some discord between the DeBartolos and the Yorks. Things went south after Eddie gave up control of the team to his sister Denise. She and her husband John York struggled as owners, and Jed York has been the face of the franchise since being named team president in 2008. Things have gone downhill for much of the past two years, dating back to the crumbling of the Jim Harbaugh era. People are unhappy with how this has gone down since the 49ers moved into Levi’s Stadium, and Lisa DeBartolo would seem to be prominently among us.