It's Time to Raise Our Own Banners Again!

Fooch's note: Folks will be interested in this, so I'll give it a bump. I'd say donate your money to a worthy charity, but to each their own.


10/25/16 UPDATE: Well in less than 24 hours, more than double the amount needed was raised and donations were cutoff. So at this point we have guaranteed the plane will fly for two homes games. It's possible that funding reopens again later on and more games will be added.


So Graham, Conor and their friends, who organized the banner drive last year for all of The Faithful, are back and at it again. This year the target will be none other than The Franchise Killer himself, Mr. Trent Baalke. It takes $1076 per game to get the banner in the air. And I'm sure if enough money is raised, this will be an ongoing thing for the remainder of the home games.If we are lucky, every game will have a banner to go with it. We need to hold Jed accountable because we know he won't do it himself. And let's not forget, Jed himself referenced the banners during his post season press conference.

At this point some people may want to fly the banner against Jed directly, and I get that, but realistically he's not selling the team anytime soon. The one guy we can help get rid of right now is Trent Baalke. Baalke has been the architect of one of the biggest roster dismantlings we've seen in years. He inherited a roster stacked with a good number of marquee players brought in by the previous regime, hired Jim Harbaugh and then proceeded to collect all the credit for the success including the 2011 NFL Executive of the Year award.

Some, like myself, were blinded by the success and attributed a large portion of it to Trent Baalke. But once Jed and Trent started ushering out Harbaugh (crazy), and we had seen his draft picks floundering in the NFL, it became obvious that Harbaugh had masked both Jed and Trent's failures with his ability to coach the heck out of anyone

Since Harbaugh left, Baalke has clearly been left exposed. With no super coach to drag every ounce of talent out of the players on the field, and his very poor player selections, the roster has looked worse and worse. Add in his inability, or stubbornness, to address certain positions and you have a very angry fanbase. And on top of all that, he has a penchant for drafting players coming off of ACL injuries despite them failing almost every time.

The most maddening of the ACL picks appened this year. And that was him him taking ANOTHER CB, coming off on ACL no less, and passing on positions like ILB and QB. Of course we all know now that Dak Prescott was there for the taking but yet Baalke thought Gabbert wold be the answer so ignored the position. Now the CB he drafted hasn't stepped foot on a field, despite Baalke declaring he would be ready for camp, and our QB play is the worst in the league. This is but just the latest in a list of failures that is endless.

So it's time to put our money where our mouth is. We know Jed will not bring us the banners he promised us so let's get this banner up ourselves so we can FIRE TRENT BAALKE!!

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