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49ers shutting down trade rumors

How many trades do you think the 49ers make by the November 1 trade deadline?

The San Francisco 49ers have been the subject of two trade rumors this week. On Sunday night, Pro Football Talk reported the team was interested in dealing Joe Staley if they could secure a first round pick. Multiple reports on Monday said the 49ers were interested in dealing Torrey Smith, with the Philadelphia Eagles most prominently mentioned.

Since then, we have seen multiple reports shutting down those rumors. Matt Maiocco was the first to report the team was not shopping Smith. Then on Monday, Eric Branch said the 49ers were not trying to trade Staley or Smith, and Mike Garafolo said the team is not starting a fire sale:

We have a lot of rumors and anonymous comments floating around. Chip Kelly is the only person to go on the record saying the team was not dealing Staley. He said there had been no internal discussions about a potential Staley trade. Whether that changes or not remains to be seen, but he’s the only one who will offer a comment on the matter.

The rumors that have circulated could be due to a variety of reasons. Someone in the 49ers might have started them to let other teams know who is available and what the price might be. A player’s agent might have started them to get other teams calling the 49ers to get a player into a better situation. An opposing team might have started rumors to create leverage in other trades.

How many trades do you think the 49ers make between now and the November 1 trade deadline? Trades are not prolific in the NFL, so I am inclined to look on the lighter side. So, go ahead and vote below, and let us know how many trades you think the 49ers make in the next six days.