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Doug Pederson denies Eagles need to trade for a wide receiver

No surprise Doug Pederson gave his receivers a vote of confidence.

In the least surprising news of the day, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said the team is happy with their wide receivers, and there is no legitimacy to the reports the Eagles are looking to trade for a receiver. This comes amidst reports the team is interested in Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery.

I don’t think we could have expected much else from Pederson. I suppose he could have denied the rumors while still saying his receivers had to improve. However, doing so would have left the door open enough to give his receivers pause. I fully believe the Eagles are exploring the trade market, because they do have questions at the position. Jordan Matthews leads the team with 25 receptions for 354 yards and two touchdowns. The second leading receiver is running back Darren Sproles. The second leading wide receiver is Nelson Agholor with 18 receptions for 191 yards and a touchdown.

The Eagles are in the thick of the playoff race, and Carson Wentz could use an upgrade among his pass catchers. Smith and Jeffery would each add value to the unit. Jeffery is unlikely to be moved because his franchise tag means he cannot negotiate an extension until after the season ends. Smith has a fairly team-friendly deal, and the 49ers are in a tailspin, so a move for him makes a lot more sense. It actually requires some basic execution to make it happen, so we’re left to wait and see what happens between now and the November 1 trade deadline.