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Chip Kelly has second lowest odds to be fired

The 49ers are a mess right now, and that means Chip Kelly’s future is likely up in the air.

Our friends at Bovada have released updated odds on which NFL head coach will be the first one fired, and Chip Kelly is climbing the board. Kelly is currently listed at 4-to-1 odds. Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is the only coach ahead of him, listed at 2-to-3 odds. John Fox, Mike McCoy, and Chuck Pagano are all listed at 10-to-1.

Kelly’s odds have lowered considerably the last two weeks. I don’t have Week 7 odds, but in Week 6, Bovada listed him at 25-to-1, and he opened the preseason at 50-to-1. Considering the 49ers struggles right now, I am not exactly surprised to see the odds dropping.

The 49ers franchise is at a fork in the road with regard to the future. Trent Baalke is on the hot seat, and organization does not seem to have much of a plan for the future. Well, I’m sure they have some kind of plan, but it does not seem particularly good at the moment, and whatever it is, they’re not talking about it with the fan base.

All of that is to say, some kind of change is necessary. We just don’t know what it will entail. Will the team fire Baalke, promote Tom Gamble and keep Kelly? Will they fire everybody and start fresh? Will they actually keep everything as it is? Nobody knows, and it makes it hard to figure out the future of Chip Kelly. What a time to be a fan!