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Did Pete Carroll just spill the beans about the Vikings trading for notable offensive lineman?

Fooch’s update: It would appear this is for naught

I don’t quite know what to make of this, but Pete Carroll may have said something a bit peculiar during a Wednesday press conference. There was apparently a question about trades, and Carroll said he “say Minnesota made a big move with an offensive lineman.” Here is what one beat writer tweeted about it:

It is possible Carroll is BS’ing with the reporters, or he misheard something. I have no real idea, but it is at least something interesting. The Vikings have a need at left tackle, and there have been rumors Joe Staley and Joe Thomas are both on the trade block. Both of their head coaches have denied the rumors, but anything is possible in the silly season of trade rumors.

The NFL’s trade deadline is November 1, which is six days from now. Is it possible Joe Staley is moved to join his former teammate, Alex Boone? PFF’s Steve Palazzolo tweeted something later saying he was hearing something, but maybe he’s hearing what Carroll said he heard. Who knows. Things are officially interesting!