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Someone in Smash Mouth is a huge Trent Baalke fan

Smash Mouth was out to defend Trent Baalke’s honor on Wednesday.

Trent Baalke still has his fans. There are people here who think he is getting a bum rap, and they have a famous supporter. The band Smash Mouth, based out of San Jose, has one or more members who are big fans of the San Francisco 49ers, or at the very least, are huge fans of general manager Trent Baalke. And considering this is a slow time during a bye week for bad football team, I figured you all would love to hear more about it!

KNBR’s Ray Woodson tweeted something about the 49ers needing to get a new GM as part of any chance of returning to glory. Smash Mouth (I’m just referring to them in the singular at this point) replied to Woodson’s tweet:

Things went crazy from there with numerous people chiming in to complain about Baalke. But Smash Mouth was not to be denied in defending Baalke. You can see all the tweets here, but I thought I would pull out some highlights (or lowlights, depending on your view).

Someone brought up 44 draft picks and nothing to show for it, which brought this response:

From there, we get the indication that Smash Mouth is not a fan of Jed York. Someone mentioned Baalke’s pride destroying the team. Smash Mouth makes it sound like they (he? it?) has spoken with Baalke. I think that would qualify him for Trent-bot status with Tim Kawakami.

There was some discussion of Aldon Smith and Michael Crabtree, and that led to what appears to be another shot at York.

And finally, when someone mentioned Baalke beefing with Harbaugh, leading to Harbaugh’s departure, he offered up this:

So there you have it. Some or all of Smash Mouth are 49ers fans, and are displeased with Jed York’s handling of the team. But one or more of them think Trent Baalke is a great general manager. Just another Wednesday afternoon during a crappy football season!